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Deal Of the day

Why Mehwish Hayat was awarded Tamgha-e-imtiaz?

Why Mehwish Hayat was awarded Tamgha-e-imtiaz?

Why did Mehwish Hayat receive Tamgha-e-imtiaz?

So, this news of Mehwish Hayat receiving Tamgha-e-imtiaz surfaced yesterday and like all news, the whole twitter erupted with rage and started questioning why did Mehwish Hayat receive Tamgha-e-imtiaz and of course, then followed the sweet relentless trolling.

Now you must have read these lines copied from Wikipedia by all top magazines, I am copying it too so you don’t have to go there to read, just explaining what Tamgha-e-imtiaz is.

Tamgha-i-Imtiaz (Urdu: تمغائے امتیاز‎), (English: Medal of Excellence), is a state-organized honor of the State of Pakistan. It is the fourth-highest decoration given to any civilian in Pakistan based on their achievements. While it is a civilian award, it can also be bestowed upon military officers of the Pakistan Armed Forces and worn on one's uniform. The award is not limited to the citizens of Pakistan, and can be awarded to foreign citizens who have performed great service to Pakistan.

Now, to the medals, speaking of Tamgha-e-imtiaz and its recipients, legendary Babra Sharif and actress Mehwish Hayat will be conferred. Other than Imtiaz, Nishan-e-Imtiaz will be awarded to Shoaib Sultan Khan as he is one of the pioneers of rural development programmes in Pakistan. As a CSP Officer, he worked with the Government of Pakistan for 25 years, later on he served Geneva based Aga Khan Foundation for 12 years, then UNICEF and UNDP for 14 years.

Yasir Shah, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis will be awarded in the Field of Games with Hilal-e-Imtiaz.

A lot of people have criticized Mehwish Hayat for receiving an award for her ‘Basic Efforts’ and questioned why people who are working for the society were not awarded. The perfect answer to the question is, that category my friend is different! Mehwish Hayat won the medal which is fourth-highest or last in all civil awards categories.
So, here is the list of civil awards in Pakistan:

























So, even in the fourth category, Tamngha-e-imtiaz is 3rd highest medal which should not bother a lot of people (who are crying over her inclusion) since it is an excellence award and Mehwish Hayat has shown some excellent results in the previous years. With singing, modeling and acting in films, taking those films to international heights and making them one of the highest grossing movies of all times in Pakistan’s cinema history is quite an ask. Especially when Punjab Nahi Jaongi won SPECIAL JURY AWARD AT ‘SCO FILM FESTIVAL’, which was an incredible moment for all Pakistanis.

It is okay to think what you want and screw people on Social Media because that is your right, it is your life. But, our question always remains, what are we doing so notable or even worthy for our country that gives us the right to criticize people over their success? If we think her doing a song like ‘Billi’ won her a medal and she doesn’t deserve it, how about  we do something better and incredible, and win a medal for it to show how medals are won?

The easiest thing today is to write something mean on Social Media these days, while it may hurt a lot of people, the most difficult thing these days is to get out and do something with life, and fortunately or unfortunately she and all others who we criticize on Social Media are doing just that